The Immigration Quandary

Hypothetical Subject (not factual, but a composite possibility derived from current events): Maria is 40 years old.  She first came to America from Tijuana, Mexico (south of San Diego) when she was 14, escaping an impoverished and abusive home.  The first few years she was here, she was a migrant worker, picking crops in California, […]

Why Americans March

To My Grandchildren. My dear ones, This past weekend, one of the world’s largest protest marches took place.  On the day following the inauguration of the 45th president of these United States, massive gatherings took place in cities and towns around the globe.  In Washington, D.C., it was known as the Women’s March on Washington.  […]

Inauguration Day

To my grandchildren. My dear ones, Today is inauguration day.  Today our country’s 45th president was sworn in, and became the world’s most powerful person. I did not vote for this man.  I did not feel he would care for all of America’s people, all of America’s resources, all of America’s friends around the world.  […]

DAPL: Time for a Change

Work continues in South Dakota today on a pipeline that runs below ground, passing through privately owned (company owned) land and federal land, and skirting sovereign and sacred Native American soil.  A protest has gathered, in what has become the largest Native American coalition in over 100 years.  The protestors, also called “protectors”, have been […]

A Challenge of Our Character

We are a nation at war with itself. Our struggle has shaken us to our core. Our character is tested. Our democracy is at stake. We are a people divided. Ours is a holy war, and it is terrifying. Today’s news has hit me hard. Another Muslim community, this time in Kansas, has been threatened […]

Constitutional Challenge – Part 1

July 1.  In America, there’s already a lot of celebrating going on.  It’s tradition.  Buy up all the fireworks you can afford.  Fire up the grill.  Gather with friends.  Have a parade.  Wave flags.  By the time July 4 rolls around, most of us have been celebrating for days. My question is this:  What, exactly, […]